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Mikey's Clothes by MaxineZoruaLuna Mikey's Clothes :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 9 Donnie's Clothes by MaxineZoruaLuna Donnie's Clothes :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 2 Raph's clothes by MaxineZoruaLuna Raph's clothes :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 2 Leo's Clothes by MaxineZoruaLuna Leo's Clothes :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 2 Miwa's Clothes by MaxineZoruaLuna Miwa's Clothes :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 2 Yoshi Hamato by MaxineZoruaLuna Yoshi Hamato :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 2 Tang Shen Hamato by MaxineZoruaLuna Tang Shen Hamato :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 2
Sophie Work In Progress Character Profile
Hey guys I'd just let you guys see the new character I'm working on. This is just a work in progress so it's not finished but I'll be updating this a lot.
Basic Statistics
Full Name: Sophia “Sophie” Lillian Hathaway Hamato
Name Meaning: Sophia means “Wisdom”; Lillian means the flower; Hathaway means “War”; Hamato means “Seaside”
Sophie (By Everyone)
Soph (By Everyone)
Pocket Monster (By Temper and Chris)
Phia (By Felicia, Mona, and Petey)
Sopi (By Isaac)
The Athletic One/The Artist One (By Skylar and Silas)
Big Sis (By Olivia and Nate)
Sweetie (By Miwa)
Princess (By Leo)
Kiddo (By Raph)
Kidlet (By Donnie)
Maahi (By Mikey)
Little Pink (By Isabella)
Rosa Atleta/Rosa Artista (By Michael)
Pinkie (By Cole)
Sweetheart (By Tang Shen and Yoshi)
How did they get it?
- Sophie and Soph: They are shorter versions of her name.
- Pocket Monster: Temper and Chris call her this because she is a Pokemon fanatic.
- Phia: Felicia, Mona, and Petey
:iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 0
Meet The Family AU Fanfic Chapter 2
The next morning Sophie woke up and stretched while in bed. “Good morning sweetie,” Miwa chirped from the door holding a stack of fabric. “We found some of my old clothes that I think will fit you,” Miwa said handing over a long blue skirt and a pink shirt with a kitten on it. Sophie smiled as she accepted the clothes and said “Thank you.” “Once you’re dressed come downstairs and go to the left. That’s where breakfast will be waiting,” Miwa instructed. Sophie smiled and said “Okay I will.” She then hugged Miwa and said “Thank you for last night.” “No problem dear. I’ll see you downstairs,” Miwa said leaving the room. Sophie quickly changed her clothes, tied her hair back with her orange bow, and put her dirty clothes folded on the dresser. She then went downstairs carrying her hat with her.
The smell of pancakes and strawberries wafted through a door to the left of the stairs. However
:iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 0
Meet The Family AU Fanfic Chapter 1
It was a rainy August day in New York City. The five Hamato siblings were walking to their mother’s sweet shop. Looking at them however you wouldn’t know their siblings. The two oldest, Miwa and Leonardo, were clearly from Japanese descent based on their Ivory skin. Miwa had medium length dark brown hair and Honey Brown eyes. Leo on the other hand had neatly combed blond hair and Amber eyes. Miwa was a dark grey shirt, jeans, and a black raincoat while Leo was wearing a dark blue button up shirt, light brown slacks, and blue coat. The second boy, Raphael, was from African descent. He had short black hair and Copper colored eyes. He was also wearing a dark red shirt with ripped sleeves, black jeans, and a black jacket. The third boy, Donatello, was from Latin descent. He had curly golden brown hair, Chocolate Brown eyes, and a gapped tooth grin. He was wearing a light purple shirt, a dark purple hoodie, and jeans. The last boy, Michelangelo, was from Indian descent. He had b
:iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 4
Full Vendetta Profile
Basic Statistics
Full Name: Princess Sophia Lillian Hathaway
Meaning of name: Princess is her title being Princess of The Vampires, Sophia means "Wisdom", Lillian means the flower, and Hathaway means “War” and is her mother’s last name.
Vendetta (By Everyone)
Perfect Little Princess (By Bio Father Michael)
Little Luna (By Bio Mother Isabella)
Sophie (By Temper)
Little Tomboy Devil Brat (By Felicia)
Mirror Image (By Eloise)
Streaker (By Max)
Big Sis (By Selena)
Fia (By Nate)
Hana (By Adopted Father Splinter)
Small Fry (By Adopted Mother Violetta)
Imōto (By Karai)
Lotus (By Leo)
Pumpkin (By Raph)
Princess (By Donnie)
Kitten (By Mikey)
Sweetie (By Michelle)
Bug (By Chester)
Kid (By Vito)
Roo (By Manitoba)
Angel (By Mike)
Munchkin (By Mal)
Star (By Svetlana)
Little Sis (By Scarlett)
Comet (By April)
Puck (By Casey)
How'd they get it?:
Vendetta- Marshall thought she should change her name after she decided not be a Princess anymore so he came up with Vendet
:iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 8
Look what I got for Christmas early!!!! by MaxineZoruaLuna Look what I got for Christmas early!!!! :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 3 37 Arnold Casey Jones Sr. by MaxineZoruaLuna Arnold Casey Jones Sr. :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 3 11 Queen Jasmine Rachel Kane by MaxineZoruaLuna Queen Jasmine Rachel Kane :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 2 0 King Ian Quentin Fangs by MaxineZoruaLuna King Ian Quentin Fangs :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 1 0 Prince Nathan Joseph Fangs by MaxineZoruaLuna Prince Nathan Joseph Fangs :iconmaxinezorualuna:MaxineZoruaLuna 0 0


TMNT and OCs doodles by XxGreenNinjaChickxX TMNT and OCs doodles :iconxxgreenninjachickxx:XxGreenNinjaChickxX 22 10 Star Butterfly's Timeline by Kikaigaku Star Butterfly's Timeline :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 5,008 187 Total Drama Kids Comic pag 47 by Kikaigaku Total Drama Kids Comic pag 47 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 435 99 TMNT - Like fathers like...? by Myrling TMNT - Like fathers like...? :iconmyrling:Myrling 569 190 Turtle Tots React - Being scolded by Myrling Turtle Tots React - Being scolded :iconmyrling:Myrling 705 368 Tdkids Crimson And Ennui by Kikaigaku Tdkids Crimson And Ennui :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 544 58 Petite Ladybug et Petit Chat Noir by Kikaigaku Petite Ladybug et Petit Chat Noir :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 962 45 10 Boys, 1 Girl by NauraImagination 10 Boys, 1 Girl :iconnauraimagination:NauraImagination 123 10 The Powerpuff Louds by phineasan The Powerpuff Louds :iconphineasan:phineasan 72 10 The Gem House! by Coolio303 The Gem House! :iconcoolio303:Coolio303 95 19 Loud House Age Swap AU by Baby-Princess-Brat Loud House Age Swap AU :iconbaby-princess-brat:Baby-Princess-Brat 178 57 New Alolan Friends by KessieLou New Alolan Friends :iconkessielou:KessieLou 80 22 We Are the TimeKids(Crystal Gems Undertale Parody) by perfectshadow06 We Are the TimeKids(Crystal Gems Undertale Parody) :iconperfectshadow06:perfectshadow06 309 22 The Loud Family (Genderbent) by CruellaDeVil84 The Loud Family (Genderbent) :iconcruelladevil84:CruellaDeVil84 227 66 Apples Because What Even is a Title by KatieFitness Apples Because What Even is a Title :iconkatiefitness:KatieFitness 27 12 25 Years of Nicktoons (Design 08) by Nicktoon-Grl 25 Years of Nicktoons (Design 08) :iconnicktoon-grl:Nicktoon-Grl 135 28



Hey guys sorry if I'm not answering right away I just have a lot of things going on. Journalism, Applying for College, Keeping my grades nearly perfect, and working on a project on Tumblr. If any of you wanna see it I maaaaaaaaaay post a link for it. But yeah I'll be more active next week since it's Thanksgiving break. But yeah love you guys



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